Kartik Kapur

A bit about me

  • Planning to take my pineapple, Xavier Spikybody, on an adventure to uncover the ancient tombs of his fruit ancestors. Though the journey is perilous I am sure that we will find them and bask in their rejuvenating juices.
  • Love teaching Computer Science
  • Elevating Small Talk to Medium Talk 1 Step at a Time
  • Star Wars Enthusiast
  • Quite fond of Cereal and Ice Cream
  • Part time Hippopotamus Whisperer

About Me



Come on by to see my 61B resources. They include a textbook, divided into summaries, practice tests, quizzes, and conceptual understanding questions.


Here are the problems and the guides that I have created for my Fall 2017 students.

Advice for Students

A collection of advice that I would like to give students who are thinking about taking computer science.



Megafind is a webapp based platform for hosting live lecture sessions. The features provided by Megafind put students in a learning immersive environment that is tailored to the students' wants. Won First place overall and best Education hack in Calhacks

Github Repo More Details


Bearmax is a Facebook chatbot that helps provide a smart diagnosis users with minor ailments to prevents unnecessary trips to the doctor. Bearmax was built during CalHacks 3.0 and won 2 prizes.

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OutsideIn is a smart diary that analyzes your emotions in entries. After analyzing the data, OutsideIn presents easy to understand visualizations of emotional trends. This project was built at HackDavis 2017

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Assignment Solution Finder

Project looks through table of contents of a textbook and finds assigned problems. By web scraping it finds their solutions, and outputs a PDF containing: Reading,Questions & Solutions

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Data Structures and Algorithms

Currently in the Process of writing a 200+ page book for UC Berkeley's Data Structures Course. This textbook aims to help students strengthen their fundamentals through precise guides and tough problems.

Check out the book!

The Inner Workings of Snapchat Faceswap

Wrote a piece detailing how Snapchat faceswap technology works. The article was featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and Apple News.

Check out the article!