OutsideIn HackDavis 2017

Demo Steps

  • The User inputs an entry of their emotions (the one shown is an exerpt of Anne Frank's diary)
  • After submitting, the user gets a graph that shows the trend of their emotions (all 6 of them) and the color of the background changes depending on what the prevelant mood was for their previous entry
  • Finally the user sees a word cloud made of their most frequently said words
  • Github Repo


    OutsideIn is a "smart diary" that analyzes the emotions found in entries and graphs the emotional trend of the user. This product is geared towards those who suffer from mental health issues and was created during Hack Davis 2017.

    How Does OutsideIn work?

    The base of OutsideIn is the Watson Tone analyzer. My team created a file that would use the the Tone Analyzer and extracted how likely it was that the inputted entry was one of the given emotions (anger, disgust, sadness, fear, joy) and how positive/negative it was (on a scale of -1 to 1). We would then created a method in this file that found the maximum emotion (which one was the most likely) and that would be the emotion that was considered "the correct one" for the entry

    We needed to store each entry, and to do so, we used SQL. The data was gathered, and eventually, it was put into a graph (the templates were from MetricGraphics.js). With each entry, the graph would grow larger, and the background color of the browser would correspond to the color of the most likely emotion of the previous entry. Additionally, a word cloud was formed that contained the most frequently said words in the entry.

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